Laidlaw Gulf LLC is a market leader in the supply of architectural ironmongery and was established in 2007 by John Jefferies. Since then, Laidlaw Gulf LLC has flourished in the MENA region, sourcing product from both UK, Europe, USA and Far East suppliers.

Our objective is to help architects, clients and contractors eliminate the problems associated with the specification and supply of project hardware by offering a turnkey solution. From free scheduling to post installation consultancy, we will be with you every step of the way.

We are grateful for the support of our many customers, with whom we have worked closely to support their requirements and together we have delivered a number of high-profile projects in the MENA region. We have built long standing relationships with our clients who include: consultants, contractors, sub-contractors, door manufacturers and OEMs. We are proud to be a part of their supply chains and are happy to produce high performance and cost-effective solutions to meet their requirements. The goodwill which Laidlaw Gulf LLC has created over the past 16 years continues today.

Our new website details our product offering and brands, specifically our LGAI ironmongery range and Doorsets International doors range. We welcome serving our customers in all of our UK and International markets as we strive to continue to deliver excellent customer service and support to our valued and loyal customer base.

John Jefferies, CEO, Laidlaw Gulf LLC

John Jefferies, CEO


A complete range of products We have created a range to suit clients’ design and financial requirements, Laidlaw Gulf

offers a comprehensive programme of door hardware and related products to provide the complete solution to every project. Our range supports any certification requirement by country by following strict testing demands. We ensure that all door hardware required for fire escape and fire resisting doors is CE stamped guaranteeing suitability and quality.We can also offer everything from leading European brands to VE options if required. 

The only thing we never VE is our level of service.

A scheduling service We will schedule all your door hardware requirements from floor plans or from a door schedule, using a wide range of exclusive Laidlaw Gulf products. All schedules are tailored to meet legislative, aesthetic and financial requirements. Our team are trained to UK’s Guild of Architectural Ironmongers Diploma holder status.

Let them help you out today.

Door bagging – We know how busy you are on site. Let our dedicated team save your valuable time by delivering LGAI hardware in easy to install packages, marked for each individual door.

A pretender and postinstallation consultation service This includes advice on product type, use, cost, and site visits to provide postinstallation “troubleshooting” support. We will also interface with door suppliers and access control providers to ensure compatibility of related products and eliminate design and installation problems at an early stage.

Unlike other suppliers, we don’t finish a project until you finish a project.

Product literature is available on demand. For further details please contact our sales team: